Slovakia Introduction

Slovakia is a inland country in central Europe. Slovakia economy is stable. In the past 10 years, it has been one of the fastest growing countries among the 28 EU member states. The GDP growth rate of 4.1% in 2018 was mainly driven by domestic demand and the automobile industry. The scale of trade in Slovakia continues to expand, the unemployment rate has repeatedly hit new lows, and the fiscal deficit rate has hit a record low since independence. Additionally, the industry of Slovakia is developed. Under this circumstance, the demand for scaffolding is vast. Now here is some scaffolding suppliers for your reference.

Slovakia Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
SCAFFOLDING, s.r.o.Československej armády 6226/3036 01 Martin
Scaffolding service, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, work at height, welding, and construction works.
ALUKO s.r.o.Stavitelska 383104 Bratislava SlovakiaFrames, modular and tubular
SCAFFOLD SLOVAKIA, sroKopčianska 63
851 01 Bratislava
Façade frame scaffolding
ProlesenieSK-925 42 Trstice 854GRAF Scaffolding
TebauTEBAU, spol. s r.o.
Bojnická 18/C
831 04 Bratislava
Formwork, ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, movable scaffolding, Shaft scaffolding,scaffolding net
Estates s.r.oZvolenská cesta 46, 974 05 Banská BystricaFacede scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding
M&T LeseniaJánošovská 2169 / 6B, 038 61 VrútkyFrame scaffolding, mobile scaffolding
Simple Construction, sroKopčianska 92, BratislavaFrame scaffolding, mobile scaffolding
EKO-BAU spol. s r.o.925 42 Trstice 1298Exterior walls and mobile scaffolding, scaffolding goats and supporting pillars, and other construction tools
ALOSS sroPod Dúbravou 2887
026 01 Dolný Kubín - Kňažia
Single face ladder, double side ladder, intergrated ladder, two section ladder, joint ladder, working platform, laddler with rope,lamination ladder,


Founded in 2011, SCAFFOLDING, s.r.o. is a newly opened company which devote themselves to the scaffolding set up, work at height, welding, and construction works. Located in Československej armády 6226/3036 01 Martin Slovakia,The company only hires the workers with at least 2 years construction experience, and all of them are trained well and conscientious. The projects done by themselves including building, infrastructure, offshore projects and events. For more information, you can log in their website and email them for your demand.

ALUKO s.r.o.

ALUKO s.r.o. is a construction company. The headquarter is located in Slovakia and also having business in other countries like Sweden, Finland, Germany. Scaffolding, construction works, personel service is the three main areas for ALUKO s.r.o. Erecting scaffolding is the primary activity in the area of scaffolding. Any kind of industrial high-rise buildings, apartment buildings, where the height is more than 65 metres, they can finish in best way. Nowadays, three kinds of scaffolding are implemented in their scaffolding system, they are frames, modular and tubular. All the employees are qualified to tackle the scaffolding. Meanwhile, they also have the corporation with big scaffolding company like Alfix and Layher which scaffolding are used by ALUKO s.r.o.


SCAFFOLD SLOVAKIA, sro is engaged in the lease of frame facade scaffolding, thermal insulation of buildings with contact insulation systems, roof insulation, reconstruction and renovation of exterior walls, and the supply of thermal insulation materials and exterior wall coatings. The company is small scale company that can be flexible and more affordable.  The main scaffolding they rent is façade frame scaffolding which usual width is 730mm and max. loading capacity is 200 kilogram per sqm.This kind of scaffolding can reach to the height of 50m, also have the advantage of easily assemble and dismantle. whatever the price or the quality, they can offer both.


With over 18 years experience, Prolesenie mainly takes in the build, rent and distribute for the scaffolding. The primary strength they have including like safety is the first, customized solution, long-term experience, instant action and good price. The main scaffolding type they use is GRAF. If you want to assemble this kind of scaffolding without professional teams, you can get in touch with them. The whole process from initial site inspection to scaffolding design and construction could be carry out in terms of valid provision and technical standard of BOZP.


TEBAU spol sro operate the business in Slovakia since 1993, attracting their customers not only based on the splendid quality, but also based on Unparalleled service. The company can provide all the scaffolding solution in a comprehensive and one stop way, which is continuously emphasizing supply high quality in the construction and service area. Frame scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, Shaft scaffolding, scaffolding net consists of the scaffolding they used. Each scaffolding has its strength. For instance, frame scaffolding is used to apply to ordinary architecture and façade, and also adaptable to the heavy weight and extreme height. The mobile scaffolding has more superiority in the safety, stability, changeable, utility and assembly speed, with an ideal weight itself.

Estates s.r.o

Estates s.r.o registered in Banská Bystrica is a trading company. Primarily, the company sell the scaffolding- façade brand scaffolding, which includes the brand of PLETTAC / MJ UNI、GRAF and LAYHER. Also other activities they involved in like the scaffolding rental, façade assembly and dismantling. The volume of façade scaffolding for the project can reach to approximately 30,000, and the company possesses professional teams to assemble and dismantle. The specialty is aluminum mobile scaffolding that was widely used. They also rent the scaffolding with the expertise and flexibility. They are keen to supply the best solutions per the requirements of clients. If you want to contact them, you can directly search the branch closest to your residence, where they have 78 branches throughout the whole Slovakia.

M&T Lesenia

Supposing that you need to just rent the scaffolding for your house or residence, why not take a look the company called M&T Lesenia that is a small family own scaffolding company devoting the rental of scaffolding. The company are also committed to the import for the scaffolding. The scaffolding they use is Austria brand named ALTRAD Pletacc, and the main products are the façade frame scaffolding, an ideal product for the wall masonry and renovation by supplying the free work and the best space. Due to using the wooden platform, the employee could fall on their knees if necessary. The merits including durable structure, space saving, good shoulder ability, instant assembly and dismantling, interaction with other scaffolding, and the possibility to adopt the uneven surface. Additionally, It has long service life as all the frame scaffolding components have gone through the process of galvanized against the rust condition. Meanwhile, another mobile scaffolding is generally applied to the interior or other substance surface.

Simple Construction, sro

 Simple Construction, sro, start from 1998, is a company focusing on the frame scaffolding and mobile aluminum tower assembly, dismantling, and rental service. The company’s scaffolding meet all the standard of Europe using the PLettac that is multiaspect frame galvanized scaffolding. This kind of scaffolding have the advantage of fast assembly& dismantle, light components, long service life. Another scaffolding is mobile tower with the rental price of 3.5 Euro one meter per day. The company is based in Kopčianska 92, Bratislava, they are available to supply the service in terms of your requirements.


If you are looking for Austrian quality at Slovakian prices, you have come to the right place. In our offer, you will find quality scaffolding for sale and rent. Scaffolding can be collected immediately. They use GRAF scaffolding, whose frame already contains reinforcement. These are products imported from Austria. Their assembly is very simple, which will save you a lot of time.Their offer is very broad. You will find exterior walls and mobile scaffolding, scaffolding goats and supporting pillars, and other construction tools. Not only can you buy scaffolding, you can also rent it. You can choose between new scaffolding and used scaffolding. Second-hand scaffolding is more affordable without sacrificing quality. So don’t forget to check their specials-you will always find scaffolding at a discount! All the scaffolding quotations have been listed in their website for the clents’ checking. In any case, they will try best to meet your requirements and find the most cost-effective solution for you.  


The private company ALOSS sro was established in 2006 by separating the aluminum ladder center from the ITOSS.sro company. The successfully established ITOSS brand remains on the products of the newly established company. The production and trade mix includes steps and ladders produced by themselves, as well as products from foreign partners. International company ALVE sro is one of the most important companies. The main characteristic is a variety of ladders, like single face ladder, double side ladder, intergrated ladder, two section ladder, joint ladder, working platform, laddler with rope,lamination ladder etc. The entire product range is produced under the conditions of the applicable European standard EN 131 and current internal guidelines. Sales take place in most Central and Eastern European countries. Historically, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Russia have dominated the three countries.The goal is to provide consumers with affordable quality products and the services and advice they need.